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Actual cases

Cases are presented anonymously.


Location POS model

Electronics company with multi-channel distribution and own channel (franchisee).

High brand awareness.


Developing own model to establish an Opening Plan being proactive in managing new POS locations and openings.

Providing accurate information about locations for new POS. Economic simulation of each select location.



Model: transforming statistic and commercial data into potential by province/place.

  • Analyzing key parameters to determine influential variables: population by age, university students, retail trade, park cars, motorcycles. Evolution data.
  • Weighing variables. Correction coefficients of variables. Gross evaluation of populations.
  • Industry information. Sales by category, family and area.
  • Commercial and customers updated information.
  • Business potential and coverage/zone saturation.

Select location. Report by location:

  • Location reporting. Primary and secondary area of influence:
    • Influence area definition by location.
    • Data evolution of the town and influence area.
    • Commercial potential of the population and area.
    • Commercial potential category/family population and area.
    • Sales in the area.
    • Customers in the area.
    • POS mapping with transactional data.
  • New POS sales hypothesis.
  • Objective rating for new opening.
  • Subjective assessment of the potential partner.
  • Basic Business Plan:
    • Potential market
    • Provisonal P&L
    • Break even
    • Pay-back

Consumer promotion


High brand awareness.

Distribution channel: mass market and traditional retail.

Target: 25-35. Urban.

Communication target: 25 years. Positioning: functional.

Image and prizes according to the targeted positioning.

Promotion objective: sales/sell out. Focus on participation + engagement.



Consumer promotion. Duration: 4 months.

On pack promotional PINCODE. Scratch off.

Easy way through promotional website.

Prizes: 2,500 automatics, 135 "instant win" and draw.

Communication: on pack, TV, POS, social media and online.

e-mail marketing. Release during the promotion: dynamization actions and Facebook activities.

Participant services: chat, email and telephone.

Mobile web version + QR.


Successful promotion and commercial results.

Introduced codes: 101,508

Participants: 32,400

Redemption ratio: > 2 %


Positive consumer acceptance of the promotional concept: simple but effective.

Permanent contact with participants: web, FB, emailing.

Price: necessary but not enough.
Differentiation of generic brand.
Extended product needed: emotional, aspirational.
Benchmarking 201X: premium brands use the promotion as "strategic" sales tool, differentiation and loyalty.


Social media passenger cars in Spain

Market leader brand. High awareness.

Development and implementation of the social media strategy for the brand.

100 % focus on engagement.

Social CRM.

Selection and monitoring social KPIs: engagement rate, share of voice, reach, followers and benchmark competition.

Produce the content plan for social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, Pinterest.


Efficient management and optimization of advertising on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, blogging networks and influencers.

Content publishing, promotion and moderation in the social channels of the brand in Spain.

Permanent research and selection of appropriate tools to manage brand social channels and online buzz.

Internal communication and involvement in the social strategy of different departments of the company, from after-sales to marketing.

Content curation.

Prospects and leads generation.


Start up and developing all social media channels.

Social media best practice reference in the Spanish automotive industry: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vine.

Leader in share of voice on Facebook and Twitter (source: Social Elephants).

Fans and engagement leaders on Instagram.

Organic trending topic on Twitter thanks to the action "EP" in collaboration with advertising agency.

Mastery tools in order to optimize the management of the social networks and social campaigns.

Planning customer service via social media involving several departments of the company.

Managing relevant information inside the company obtained via social networks.

Training in community management and Social Ads.


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