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Marketing actions. Consumer promotions. Social media.
Retail insurance POS. Own channel. Defining the location, opening, commercial activities and traffic generation.
Marketing actions. Consumer promotions. Sales teams focus on increasing distribution.
Insurable risks analysis. Map of insurable risk.
Trade prizes and incentives. POS contests.
Marketing audits: brand awareness and sales force analysis. Marketing actions. Consumer promotions. Trade promotion. POS contests. Managing POS and merchandising catalogue. ClubGamo, e-commerce. Web games. Corporate videos.
Market audits: brand perception and position in Spain. Professional cosmetics channel.
Marketing actions. Trade promotions. Sales force incentives.
Spanish market research: professional cosmetics.
Strategic consulting: new business.
Market audit: brands and company trade perception in Spain. New sales channels: call center.
Marketing actions. Sales team to increase coverage in specific areas.
Launching new services. Sales team actions.
POS audit. Mystery shopping. Analysis of consumers typologies; consumer perception, NPS (Net Promoter Score). KPIs analysis. Sony Center locations model. Special implantation. POS managers and sales promoters.
Launching of new service. Corporate video.
Social media.
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